(The) Art (of changing) Direction

Timaeus is a cross-disciplinary creative and artist based in Rotterdam. With a believe in the art of changing direction, he works in a conceptual, forward-thinking approach, in collaboration with designers, artists, programmers, curators and thinkers on the implementation of change and new narratives. He specialises in digital media and works across a variety of outputs within the human computer interaction field.

His artistic practice focuses on speculative storytelling and worldbuilding narratives. He navigates this with the use of game-engine software and works within the realm of virtual filmmaking/imagery and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). He researches how creative technologies can help us to reimagine our present and future, surrounding the topics of ecology, technology and non-human agency. By introducing these topics to the fantastical and otherworldly, he strives for a form of storytelling that challenges the Anthropocentric point of view.


–– Weaving with Worlds, Fiber Festival Lab (Summer School) (2021)
–– Digital Arts, Die Angewandte, Vienna (2019-2020)
–– Bachelor Of Arts, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (2016-2020)
–– Communication, University of applied sciences, Leiden (2015-2016)


–– Willem de Kooning | Tutor in Next Realities (3D scanning and speculative storytelling)
–– Erasmus University | Tutor in creative web development
–– Willem de Kooning | Assistant tutor Graphic Design (HTML, CSS & Javascript) (2020)
–– Timaeus | Freelance (2016-Present)
–– Random Studio | (Creative, Internsip) (2019)


–– Young Blood Award Nominee 2020 @ Gogbot Enschede
–– Research Award, Graduation class 2020 @ Willem de Kooning
–– Drempelprijs Award, Graduation class 2020 @ Willem de Kooning


–– Yopo & Timaeus explore.. Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam - 22 - 24 Apr. 2022 –– FIBER Festival, Amsterdam - 28- 30 okt. 2021
–– Gogbot, Enschede | 10 - 13 sept. 2020
–– Klaproos, Amsterdam @ ADE | 17 okt. 2019
–– Red light Radio, Amsterdam @ listening session | 18 Jul. 2019


–– Fully Charged at Ginds, Hoofddorp - July 2022


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