(The) Art (of changing) Direction

Timaeus is a cross-disciplinary creative and artist based in Rotterdam. With a believe in the art of changing direction, he works in a conceptual, forward-thinking approach, in collaboration with designers, artists, programmers, curators and thinkers on the implementation of change and new narratives. He specialises in digital media and works across a variety of outputs within the human computer interaction field.

His artistic practice focuses on speculative storytelling and worldbuilding narratives. He navigates this with the use of game-engine software and works within the realm of virtual filmmaking/imagery and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). He researches how creative technologies can help us to reimagine our present and future, surrounding the topics of ecology, technology and non-human agency. By introducing these topics to the fantastical and otherworldly, he strives for a form of storytelling that challenges the Anthropocentric point of view.

As of September 2022 Timaeus is supported by the Talent Development Grant of the Creative industries fund NL


–– Weaving with Worlds, Fiber Festival Lab (Summer School) (2021)
–– Digital Arts, Die Angewandte, Vienna (2019-2020)
–– Bachelor Of Arts, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (2016-2020)
–– Communication, University of applied sciences, Leiden (2015-2016)


–– Willem de Kooning | Tutor in Next Realities (3D scanning and speculative storytelling)
–– Erasmus University | Tutor in creative web development
–– Willem de Kooning | Assistant tutor Graphic Design (HTML, CSS & Javascript) (2020)
–– Timaeus | Freelance (2016-Present)
–– Random Studio | (Creative, Internsip) (2019)


–– Young Blood Award Nominee 2020 @ Gogbot Enschede
–– Research Award, Graduation class 2020 @ Willem de Kooning
–– Drempelprijs Award, Graduation class 2020 @ Willem de Kooning

I am very grateful for the following received grants to help develop my practice:

–– Talent development grant from The Creative Industries fund NL for 2022-2023
–– Development grant for developing A/V performence 'Ruins Beyond the Veil' from Stichting droom en daad


–– DaarGinds, Hoofddorp, Group exhibition as part of residency - 10 Sept. 2022
–– Yopo & Timaeus explore.. Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam - 22 - 24 Apr. 2022
–– FIBER Festival, Amsterdam - 28- 30 okt. 2021
–– Gogbot, Enschede | 10 - 13 sept. 2020
–– Klaproos, Amsterdam @ ADE | 17 okt. 2019
–– Red light Radio, Amsterdam @ listening session | 18 Jul. 2019


–– Fully Charged at Ginds, Hoofddorp - July 2022


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