Project: “Martyrs of the Anthropocene”


Direction & animation by Timaeus
Sound design by Xaos
3D design & modeling i.c.w. Famke Immelmann
Texturing consultant Flora van der Linde
Color grading by Leon van Engelen
Title illustration by Sander Ettema

This project was made possible with the support of Stimuleringsfonds talent grant.

This film will be part of the following exhibitions:
Messyverse, Felix Meritis Amsterdam (2 Sep - 6 Oct.)
Huidenclub, Rotterdam (20 sep - 5 Nov.)
Dutch Design Week (27 Oct.)

Martyrs of the Anthropocene is a short film installation that intertwines rituals, historic references and urgent environmental and behavioural questions.

Forming a rite of passage, the film presents a tree and a lichen with the title of Martyrdom. Redefining martyrdom from its traditional human perspective and religious/ political context, the status of martyrdom is proposed by Timaeus as a reward for becoming symbols of exceptional leadership and heroism in the face of challenging circumstances.Being the first natural resources to receive the status, it proposes to question our anthropocentric point of view.

Influenced by the rich historical narratives of martyrs and saints, the martyrs of the Anthropocene are decorated with valuable minerals and crystals that are extracted daily for modern usage within batteries, or ornamental purposes, forming the visual language of 21st century relics. The martyrs, within a momentary state of equal representation, become the saints of the era of the Symbiocene. An era that can be formed after the Anthropocene, the geological epoch which we are currently living in. 

Duration 08:18 minutes
Credit roll 0:42
Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4k)


Schiekade 189 1.05
3013 BR Rotterdam


Ⓒ Copyright Timaeus, 2023