Project: “Yopo & Timaeus explore...”

In collaboration with producer & DJ Yopo Timaeus provided a bimonthly show at Future Intel, as part of a digital residency during the corona pandemic.

Yopo & Timaeus explore...is a series of audio-visual experimentation in alternative storytelling and Worldbuilding. Through a constant dialogue they aim to establish a meaningful connection between visual narrative (Timaeus) and musical exploration (Yopo). For every edition they provided a rotation of fictional worlds. 

While they strive for an immersion of sound and visual, they leave the other senses up to you.

Before every show, a large dibond artwork was made that provided the beginning of the audio-visual exploration.

Finally this research led to the development of the liveshow ‘Ruins beyond the Veil’ which was presented in Het Wilde Weten in collaboration with Future Intel as the production partner. 

Below are some of my favorite highlights.

Full shows:

Show 1 Show 2 Show 3 Show 4


Schiekade 189 1.05
3013 BR Rotterdam


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